The card of my collaborator is lost or stolen

There are two ways to order a new card:

  1. Order a new card online via your customer webspace

    Indeed, you can order a new card for your employees via the order button available on the file of your employees via "My company" > "My employees" > "Action" tab.


    Then click on the button "Order a new card".

    If your contract provides fo cards to be sent to your employees' residential address, please always check the delivery address before ordering.



  2. Your employee blocks his/her card

    This can be done by phone (IVR) on 02/72 20 02 or via his personal space MyEdenred. You can refer your employee to this page, where the procedures are explained in detail.
    When the card is blocked, you will receive a replacement order that you have to validate via your MyEdenred employer space.


The lost/stolen card will be unusable. Note that this process is irreversible. The new card will be produced as soon as the payment conditions of your contract are completed and the card will be sent within 10 business days.
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