Managing my contact persons

What e-mails do my contacts receive?

We distinguish 2 types of contact within your company:

  1. The Accounting contact: This is the contact linked to the billing site(s).  The following emails are sent to him/her:
    • Request for payment
    • Invoices
    • Credit notes
  2. The Order contact : This is the contact linked to the delivery site(s). The following emails are sent to him/her:
    • Order confirmation (vouchers/cards)
    • Card activation request
    • Information regarding the card renewals order
    • Validation request for the card replacement orders
    • ...
Edit my contacts

It is possible to add a contact via your Edenred web space. Go to "My Company" > "My contacts".

In this section it is indicated which role is assigned to the contacts.


According to the above example, Mister "je reçois tous les messages" is the accounting contact and the order contact for the sites involved. It means he receives all the emails we send.

It is possible to add or delete one/several site(s) to the contact by clicking on "Actions" > "Add a site": 

A site must always be linked to a contact. Therefore, it is impossible to delete a site from the contact if it is not first linked to another contact.

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