My First order

How can I order?

Ideally, you place your first order through your customer web space. You will find more information about the ways of placing an order Here.


Which products can I order?
  • You don't see the option to order Edenred Meal Contact your commercial contact to create a contract.
  • You already have a customer web space and you want to order Edenred Eco, Edenred Gift or Edenred Sport & Culture? You don't need any contract: go to "Orders" and click on the product you wish to order.
Do I have to order Edenred cards?
  • No, we automatically make an order for you after your Edenred Meal, Edenred Eco,Edenred Geschenk order or Edenred Sport & Culture.
  • Any employees who already have an Edenred card from a former employer won't receive a new one. They can still use theirs.
For who can I order?
  • For all your employees who are already added to your company.
  • For all your (new) employees who you add to your company during your order.
  • For all your (new) emloyees who you have listed in your order file (Excel). We will add them automatically to your structure.
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