Should you order Edenred cards?

The order of a card for a new employee is done automatically. You do not have to order Edenred cards.

With the first product order (of Edenred Meal, Edenred Eco, Edenred Gift or Edenred Sport & Culture), we automatically check whether your employee already has a card or not. We do this on the basis of the national register number.

  • If a card is already linked to a national register number, this card will be topped up. To know if your employee already has a card, you can check his employee file on your Customer web space.
  • If a card is not yet linked to a national register number, we will automatically order a card. The Edenred Card will arrive within 10 working days after receiving the payment.


If your employee already had an Edenred card, but lost it, then that card must first be blocked before we create a new one. Your employee can block that card via the following procedure: My card is lost or stolen.

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