Where can I find my payment request and my order detail?

By email
You will receive an e-mail with a link to download your payment request and the detail of your order. When you click on " Your Payment Request" or on "Your Order Detail" you will arrive on your MyEdenred where you can download the request in pdf as well as the excel containing the order detail.


The email is sent to the contact person that is mentioned in your contract.

If you haven't received the mail in your inbox and you can't find it in your junk mail, you can download the documents on your customer web space under "My last orders".

On www.MyEdenred.be
  • Select "Orders" and then select "Last orders".
  • To find an order older than 3 months, you first need to deactivate the filter in the column "Creation date"
  • By clicking on the red icon, the window "Download the payment request" appears.
  • Click on the order to download the payment request.
  • Click on the yellow icon to download the order detail or on the eye to visualize it.


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