How do you receive the new Edenred card?

There’s no need to order it, we automatically detect the number of cards to be added to your order. There are two scenarios:

Not yet a customer of one of our digital solutions?
Your employees who still don’t have an Edenred card will receive their new card the first time you order one of our digital solutions : Edenred Meal, Edenred Eco, Edenred Gift and/or Edenred Sport & Culture. 
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N.B. If some of your employees already have an Edenred card, they keep it and will receive the new card when their current one expires.

Already a customer of one of our digital solutions?
Your employees will then receive their new Edenred card when their current card expires. As with each of your orders, you’ll see the automatic card order appear in addition to your voucher order.
However, your new recruits will receive the new Edenred card if they don’t yet have one.

In all cases, everything takes place automatically and your employees will be informed by letter and e-mail when they receive their new card. Above all, don’t block your employees’ cards.

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