How can I grant the Corona Bonus to my employees?

  1. Implementation of a collective or individual agreement
    • Check wheter the CLA for you sector obliges you to grant a Corona Bonus.
    • If your sector does not require the granting of a Corona Bonus or if you wish to grant a higher amount (within the legal maximum of 500€), you can forsee a collective or individual agreement at company level.
    Download the collective and individual agreement models
  2. Prepare your order with Edenred
    • You already have a MyEdenred WebSpace account? Then you don't need to do anything. Everything is ready to process your order. If you do have a promo code, please mention it on your MyEdenred WebSpace before to order.
    • You don't have a MyEdenred account yet? Register here to become an Edenred customer, we will provide you with your account access very quickly.
    • You want to order paper vouchers for (a part of) your employees? Follow the procedure on this FAQ : "How do I order paper Consumption voucher?"

  3. Order the electronic Consumption voucher
      • Some payroll agencies and accounting offices suggest to their clients to place the Consumption voucher order for them. If it is indeed the case, you can ask them (if you have checked the above steps) to send your Consumption voucher order to Edenred. Specify well your choice of Edenred as the issuer company and provide the company numbers for which this applies . No further action is required for Edenred to process the order sent by your payroll agency or accounting office.
      • If you wish to place the order yourself: find out how to place an order via your MyEdenred WebSpace.

  4. Automatic card order for your collaborator's
    Find out how our automatic card order works for users who do not have an Edenred card yet.
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