How to setup the recurrent payment

1) First you select My Settings and then you click on Loading profiles

2) Select New loading profile

3) Create your profile

Name = Company service/group of people/Organization level/ etc.

Description = type of payment/ frequency/ people number/ etc.


Type of profile:

Recurrent= loading made each month regardless of the amount on the card

Balance based= when the card balance is below a certain amount; a top-up of the selected amount will be loaded

You can also choose your FREQUENCY and HOUR:

Daily / Weekly / Monthly

Amount to be loaded:

Amount to be loaded = a top-up will be loaded on the card for exactly the specified amount

Up to the following amount = a top-up will be loaded on the card to complement the balance up to the specified amount.


4) Select your profile and then you click on Assign to cards

 5) You can assign your loading profile to a level (sub-level) of your organization or directly to an employee in the level.

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