How do I order an Edenred Mobility Card ?

The Edenred Mobility Card is a personal card assigned to one specific employee, with his name embossed on it. 

You can order one via your webspace

  1. Select Cards & Funds > Cards Ordering
  2. Click the "Order New Product"
  3. Select "Personal" as product.
  4. Click on the "Add Cardholders" and select the employees.
  5. Click the Assign-button.
    Your selection appears in the table on the right. To remove an employee from the list of assigned employees, select the employees to be removed by clicking on them. You can maintain the control (ctrl) key and select several employees. Click the Remove-button. Your selection is removed.
  6. Check the employees and click the Save
  7. Fill in the information: ordering data, delivery contact person (who will receive the order delivery), legal representative.
  8. Click the Send-button



Your cards will arrive within 10 working days.

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