How do I add new users?

You can add new users in two ways via your customer webspace.

Create a new user manually
  1. Select My Company > Users Management
  2. Click on “New User”
  3. In the General Data tab (step 1), type the user information.
  4. Click the Save-button  The user is created.
  5. Give the user administrator or regular user access.
Create new users in bulk from an XLS or XLSX file
  1. Select My Company > Users Management.
  2. Click "Upload users".
  3. Download the template by clicking on Download template button and fill-it in
  4. Select your completed XLS or XLSX file to upload from your computer.
  5. Click "Upload".

The users are imported via a Bulk Upload file to the Edenred Mobility platform.

If the user ID number does not yet exist, the user is created. If the ID does exist, all filled cells in the file will update the user information.

In case of errors, you will receive an email with the incorrect information and the rows will not be imported. Only the correct rows will be imported.

Please note that only the template file can be used for the upload. Any other file will not work.

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