Can the public sector also offer purchasing power bonuses?

Public sector institutions can also offer purchasing power bonuses.

Here are the rules to follow:

  1. Start with a market estimate, keeping in mind that the estimated market amount should be based on turnover rather than face value of the voucher multiplied by the quantity ordered. Thus, it is not the volume issued that counts but the turnover for the selected bidder after applying the service fee.
  2. Depending on the amount obtained, choose the appropriate procedure:
      • If turnover is less than EUR 30,000 excluding VAT, you are not obliged to draw up tender specifications or publish a contract notice, but you must nevertheless be able to prove that you carried out a competitive comparison of the services of various suppliers.
      • If turnover is between EUR 30,000 excluding VAT and EUR 139,000 excluding VAT, you must draw up tender specifications and request bids.
      • If turnover is above this threshold, the formalities set out above still apply, but you must also publish a contract notice.

You can follow the normal ordering procedure once the contract has been awarded.

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Alternatively, you could consider extending your current contract to include Consumption Vouchers without having to launch a new procurement procedure by drawing up an addendum to your existing contract. Do you meet the requirements for this? Take a look at articles 37 et seq. of the Belgian Royal Decree of 14 January 2013 to find out (in particular articles 38/1, 38/2, 38/4 or 38/6).

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