When can/should a company award a purchasing power premium to its employees?

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Please note that this article was last updated on: January 08, 2024

Any company operating in Belgium is entitled to grant a purchasing power premium to its employees if it recorded “high” or “exceptionally high” profits in 2022. With a maximum value of €750 per employee, it is available in the Consumption Voucher wallet on the Edenred card and in the MyEdenred mobile app.

Some sectors have concluded or are in the process of finalising collective labour agreements setting out the (in some cases compulsory) arrangements for awarding premiums to employees covered by these joint committees. Companies are free to award a higher purchasing power premium than that set out in the sectoral agreements by stipulating a collective or individual agreement at company level (subject to the maximum legal limit of €750 per employee). Similarly, companies operating in sectors that have not (yet) stipulated an agreement on the purchasing power premium may decide to grant this form of additional purchasing power to their employees at company level by stipulating one of the above-mentioned agreements.

More information about the general terms and conditions is available on our page.

Below is a list of joint committees for which an agreement has already been reached on the granting of a purchasing power premium. Other agreements are currently being finalised. We will update this list on a regular basis.

For more information on the amounts associated with your joint commission, please consult the following table:
French : Tableau prime pouvoir d'achat par commission paritaire
Dutch :  Tabel koopkrachtbonus door paritaire commissie


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